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The Japanese Studies Association (JAD) is a non-profit, non-governmental
organization established mainly by academics in 1993. JAD is a think-tank for
intellectual exchange with Japan and for the generation of scholarly opinion and
information about Japan for the Turkish public. JAD promotes interdisciplinary,
comparative research via its regular activities like academic meetings, workshops,
seminars and conferences.

MissionJapanese Studies Association is a think-tank for intellectual exchange with Japan and for the generation of scholarly opinion and information about Japan for the
Turkish public. JAD promotes interdisciplinary, comparative research via its regular
activities like academic meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences.

VisionJapanese Studies Association, in the long-run aims:
    to increase the quantity and quality of high level academic research on the
field of Japanese studies in Turkey;
     to evolve into a research center which
>    brings together academics who have studied in Japan, have
command in the Japanese language and who can take leadership
at an international level in their respective fields,

>    has necessary facilities for information sharing and coordination;
                          >    contributes to wide distribution of generated knowledge via
publications and academic meetings,

     to become one of the main foci of Japanese Studies in the world.


President: Prof.Dr.Selçuk Esenbel (Japanese / Asian History)

Vice President: Dr. Erdal Küçükyalçın

Bursar  :  Günseli Tarhan

Secretary General: Yard. Doç. Dr. Oğuz Baykara

Member: Dr. Esin Esen

Membership: The Japanese Studies Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization
of mainly the scholars who work on various fields of Japanese studies. It is a society
that organises a regular programme of meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences.
It promotes and encourages study and research in the field of Japanese Studies and
encourages interdisciplinary, comparative approaches.

JAD is open to prospective members who have a professional interest in Japan and to
students who wish to continue their study in fields related to Japan.

Members of the Association are invited and entitled to attend all lectures and other
meetings organised by the Association and to introduce guests.

The Japanese Studies Association of Istanbul was founded in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey and has 90 members with a wide-range of Japan-interested individuals primarily from the Istanbul areas which is the most international city in Turkey from a wide range of fields such as  the academy, business, government service, artists, doctors, and scientists.  The Japanese Studies Association is active as a think-tank for intellectual exchange with Japan and for the generation of scholarly opinion and information about Japan for the Turkish public. The association aims to fill an important gap of lack of intellectual and high caliber dialog between Japan and Turkey whose relations remain to be exercised only at the level of public relations of cultural activities. While recently established, the Japanese Studies Association has already embarked upon a number of significant activities that further its think-tank objective. In each case, the Japanese Studies Association has the explicit objective to contact the relevant association and group audience in Turkey who will directly benefit from  this Japan related intellectual activity.

  • Symposium on Science, Art, and Technology in Contemporary Japan, held in 1997, November,  Istanbul Stock Exchange Building, audience 300 people, led to development of publication in Turkish for the first time on Japan by Turkish scholars in the country.
  • Art exhibition “Reflections”  by Artists trained in Japan, part of Symposium, November,  1997.
  • Publication by Board Members of Japanese Studies Association in Turkish, first Turkish language study on Contemporary Japan, titled “Perspectives from Turkey on Modern Japan”, Simurg Press, 1999.
  • Conference by Professor Fujiwara Mariko, on “ The Present day Status of Japanese Women,” co-sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 2002, March, audience 300 people, including Turkish Women Parliamentary Rights Association (Ka-Der), Hakuhodo Institute.
  •  Conference by Professor Aoki Tamotsu on “New Era for Turkish-Japanese Relations and  Globalization” , 2002, October,  Bogazici University Rector’s Conference Hall, audience 200 people, co-sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan.
  • Panel onTurkey,  Japan and Central Asia: Present and Future” in the Meeting of the Turkish-Japanese Business Council, Oda Tower, 2000, April,  audience 50 people.
  • Workshop on Kaizen Management expert Nakamura Takeshi, JMAC Consultant, June 2004,   Bogazici Alumni Association Building, business and firm representatives, Istanbul Trade Chamber, 100 people.
  •  Film Showing, On the occasion of the memorial for the tragic death of Director Hata   Shojun, film on Central Asia and the Silk Road edited by his team in NHK,
  • “The Fault Line of Civilizations” (Yuurajia: Bunmei no Katsudanso) , 2003, December,  Mithat Alam Film Center, audience students, faculty, Turkish documentary film directors and association representatives.
  • Film Gala Opening, “Sun, Moon, and the Star” by Director Sehbal Senyurt, Documentary on the History of Japanese-Turkish Relations, co-sponsored by Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul, September, 2004, 250 people audience.
  •  Briefing on Japanese Economy and Business for the Turkish Japanese Business Council Administrative Council, TJBC Office, Levent,  October, 2004.
  •  Sponsored talk by Professor Jun Oba on the Restructuring of Japanese Higher Education, attended by 200 members and top administrators of universities in Istanbul, Bogazici University,  February, 2005.
  •   Organized the  conference  of the Japanese Middle East Mission members together with the Japanese Consulate in Istanbul, September 17, 2005
  • Marmara Hotel
  • Middle East Cultural Exchange and Dialog Mission  Conference on Development and Culture
  • Speakers Professor Yamauchi Masayuki, TokyoUniversity
  • Mr. Tanami Koji, JBIC Acting President
  • Professor Yamashita Yasuhiro, Tokai University,
  • Professor Nakanishi Hiroshi, KyotoUniversity
  • Mr. Imai Yoshinori, NHK  News Commentator and Anchorman
  •    October 27, 2005, at Bogazici University Rectorate Conference Hall, Conference on Turkey’s Entry into the European Union, the Japanese and German Perspectives with Professor Tanaka Toshiro, Keio University, Jean Monnet Professor of European Studies in the Department of  Political Science, Facuty of Law, as key note speaker.
  • Professor Matsumoto Kenichi’s  conference on Mishima Yukio and Problems of Modern Civilization: Karappo no Nihon For Whom the Bell Tolls? Tarik Zafer Tunaya Kultur Merkezi, 2 May, 2006. Support by Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Japanese Consulate in Istanbul.
  • Workshop on Japan and Pan-Asianism: Past, Present, Future, in collaboration with Bogazici University Department of History East Asian Studies, and Sasakawa |Peace Foundation, May 17, 2007. Cultural Heritage Museum, Bogazici University. Discussion Papers by Participants: Prof. Matsumoto Kenichi, Reitaku University, Prof. Takafumi Matsui, University of Tokyo, Dr. Akira Matsunaga, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Prof. Brij Tankha, University of Delhi, Prof. Selcuk Esenbel, Bogazici University, Prof. Inaba Chiharu, Meijo University, Assoc. Prof. Ibrahim Ozturk, Marmara University, Assist. Prof. Cemil Aydin, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Erdal Kucukyalcin, Secretary General, Japanese Studies Association, Dr. Merthan Dundar, Ankara University.
  • Dunya Toplumunda Japonya ve Turkiye: Gelenek ve Reform, Japan and Turkey in the Global Community: Tradition and Reform.  4 Haziran, 2007 Ceylan Intercontinental Istanbul, Program: Prof. Masayuki Yamauchi, University of Tokyo, Japonya’nin Yeni Avrasya Stratesiji ve Ortadogu Diplomasisi.
  • Bn. Atsuko Toyama, Yeni Ulusal Tiyatro Baskani, Egitim Kulture Spor Bilim ve Teknoloji Bakani 2001-2003, Japonya nin Turkiye Buyukelcisi 1996-2000,  Japonya ve Turkiye Degisimin Gelenegi ve Gelecegi. Support by the Japanese Consulate in Istanbul, The Japan Center for International Exchange JCIE, Japan Foundation.
  • Prof. Shinichi Kitaoka, University of Tokyo, Birlesmis Milletler Japonya Daimi Temsilci Vekili 2004-2006, Japonya ve Turkiye nin Modernizasyon Dusuncesi.
  • Professor Kohsaka Akira, February  2008, “Withering Japan: Japanese Economic Developments” Bogazici University.
  • Professor Ohta Hiroshi, Waseda University, “Contradictions of Japanese Foreign Policy”, Bogazici University, March 2008.
  • Istanbul’daki Japonlarin Oykusu ve Istanbul’daki Eski Japonya Baskonsolosluk Binasi, The Story of the Japanese in Istanbul and the Former Japanese Consulate Building. Workshop/Calistay, in collaboration with  Ryukoku University, Bogazici University History Department East Asian Studies, Bogazici University Foundation, 27-28 March, 2008, Museum, Bogazici University.
  • Japanese Studies Association Members Network Meeting attended by 30 members from universities in Ankara, Istanbul, Erciyes and business community. Held in Bogazici University Alumni Association Club, Rumelihisari, May 17, 2008. 
  • Turkish Japanese Relations Lecture Series. Sponsored and Organized Visit of Dr. Matsutani Hironao former Consul General of Japan in Istanbul. Series of conferences on The contribution and cooperation of Turkey and Japan in the 21st century for international peace and prosperity. Bogazici University, Yildiz Technical University, Marmara University. October 13-16, 2008. 50 each attendant.
  • Japanese Porcelain Lecture Series Sponsored and Organized Lecture of Mr. Suzuta Yukio, Head Specialist of Kyushu Porcelain Museum Kyushu Toji Bunkakan in Topkapi Palace Museum, 22 December, 2008. Topic on Edo  and Meiji period Japanese Porcelain and the Topkapi Japanese Porcelain Collection. Second talk in Antik Palace 24, December, 2008.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Seminar Series  I  26-29 January, 2009. Japanese Management Association Consultants Senior Consultant Mr. Nakamura Takeshi conferences on Mono-zukuri  Japanese Style Production Techniques. Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Chambers of Industry, and DEIK (The Foreign Economic Relations Board). 200 each attendants.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Seminar Series  II. 26-27 January, 2010. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in Kayseri, and Chamber of Commerce in Konya, and DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations of Turkey). Series of Seminar lectures by Professor Yasuhiro Monden on  Targeting to be the World’s Best as a Manufacturer: Lean Manufacturing System. 200 each attendants.
  • The First Conference on Japanese Studies in Turkey sponsored by Japan Foundation,  JAD, Consul General of Japan in Istanbul at Bogazici University, organized by Japanese Studies Association, Bogazici University, Ankara University, Bogazici University Foundation, June 4-6 June, 2010.  Art Exhibition of Aynur Kucukyalcin “Japanese Flowers in an Ottoman Garden” and Photos of Japan Exhibition by Turkish photographers in the Old Japanese Consulate Building. Cocktail by Mr. Hayashi Consul General of Japan in Istanbul. A 2010 Japan Year Event.
  •  The Crescent and the Sun: Three Japanese in Istanbul, Yamada Torajiro, Ito Chuta, Otani Kozui, Exhibition organized by JAD  between October 15, 2010-February 15, 2011, in the Istanbul Research Institute at Pera, Istanbul. Sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan Foundation, Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation.  Publication of Catalogue. The Tea-Ceremony Performance of Iemoto, Grand Master Yamada Sohen of the Sohen Tea Ceremony School of Kamakura.   2010 Year of Japan Event。The preparation and the publication of the Catalog,  Hilal ve Gunes Istanbul’da Uc Japon/The Crescent and the Sun Three Japanese in Istanbul Yamada Torajiro, Ito Chuta, Otani Kozui,  (Istanbul: Istanbul Arastirmalari Enstitusu, 2010) with Istanbul Research Institute, JAD,  and the Bogazici University Research Project BAP 5121 (10B09P3) support.
  • Friendship Tunes from the Bosphorus for Japan. 22 April 2011. Nicolas Horvath piano, Telveten group Sirin Pancaroglu, Yinon Musallem, Asrslan Hazrati. Income of the concert was donated to the Red Cross Japan. In cooperation with  the  Harp Art Association, Bogazici University Alumni Association and Bogazici University.
  •  Publication of the Proceedings of the First Japanese Studies Conference in Turkey, a Japan Year  in Turkey 2010 Event that was sponsored by Japan Foundation. The Proceedings Volume was  published by Bogazici University Press with the support of the Bogazici University Research Project BAP 5121 (10B09P3) and the  sponsorship of Anadolu  Isuzu Holding A. S. in 2012 with the kind help of Mr. Tuncay Ozilhan.
  • Selcuk Esenbel, Erdal Kucukyalcin, Türkiye’de Japonya Calışmaları Konferansı I, (Istanbul: Bogazici Universitesi Yayinevi, 2012).  The Book represents the state of research on Japan by Japan specialists of Turkey in Turkish  universities.
  • June 15-16, 2012, Japan on the Silk Road:  Encounters and Perspective of Politics and Culture in Eurasia, organized with the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Studies Association sponsorship. Bogazici University Dept. of History, Asian Studies Center collaboration held in the Museum.
  • Participants from Japan, Britain, Turkey, Germany. The 15 papers will be published with the Silk Road Paper Series Brill Publication.
  • September 14-15, 2012, The International Symposium “European Discourses on Japan: Plants in Japanese Culture”, Bogazici University Albert Long Hall, Curiton  Curi Room.  Collaboration with the Momoya Okura Memorial Foundation in cooperation with the Japan Culture and Information Center.
  •  November 7, 2012, Lecture by Professor Funabiki Takeo of Tokyo University at Bogazici University TB 490 with JAD members, Bogazici students and faculty, sponsored by the Japanese Consulate General in Istanbul. Title “Japanese public behavior in the face of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster” .
  • Turkiye’de Japonya Calismalari Konferansi I, Selcuk Esenbel ve Erdal Kucukyalcin editorler,  Bogazici University Press, 2012.
  • “2nd Conference on “Japanese Studies in Turkey, June 14-16, 2013. In collaboration with the Asian Studies Center Bogazici University, sponsored by Japan Foundation and JAD.
  • Asia’s Rise on the Global Landscape: Perspectives from Turkey, Japan, and Malaysia, International Symposium. Organized by JAD, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Asian Studies Center Bogazici University, 24 October, 2013, Ciragan Palace. Participants include Former foreign minister Yoriko Kawaguchi, Former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, academics Prof. Gun Kut, Prof. Ziya Onis.
  • Japanese High School Students  Photography Exhibition: Life After Fukushima,  May 8-10,  2014. Bogazici University.  Cocuklarimiz Icin, Bolgede Yasayan Cocuklarin Cektigi Fotograflarla Fukusima Depremi Fotograf Sergisi.
  • Ms. Hirano Keiko,  Master of Katari, The Art of Narration, Japanese Culture and Art Ambassador, Ministry of Culture Japan, “The Voice of Japanese Literature”, translator Assoc. Prof. Oguz Baykara, Demir Demirgil Theater, Bogazici University, with the Asian Studies Center, Department of History, Department of Translation Studies、December 4, 2014.
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